Before you ever let a man undress you, may I ask you this:

Have you gone to the places with Jesus you desire to go with man? Have you let Jesus undress you? Have you let Him so intimately in that you stand before Him naked, hiding nothing. Have you yet learned you can be fully naked and fully unashamed in who you are? Have you yet experienced this love? The kind that doesn't judge or condemn, but looks you through and through, takes delight, and celebrates all that you are.

I pray you have. I pray you let Him love you intimately. I pray you let His breath drip worthiness over your very body and soul. From a posture of unmatched intimacy, naked and unashamed, I pray you let Him veil you like He only does His bride. And I pray that you take courage in the wait behind that veil - for its formation power is unmatched and its intimacy extravagant. And I pray you're revealed only to the man willing to walk through its fabric. Fabric titled Jesus - the most jealous, fierce, and protective love there is. The one so in love with your beauty and worthiness He drapes it in pure white and orders flowers for the day its revealed.


kristie dunnigan