letters to Jesus // 12.3.17

Pain and glory. How can things so opposite of one another be so connected? So intimately woven together. Your ways are so backwards and illogical. We get quiet so You may make our lives loud. You drop just enough revelation to keep us close, but never enough that we could stray away on the lie that we have it all. You let your deepest heart be made known, and remain a mystery all at once. You're a glorious oxymoron confounding the wise and proud, while you fill the hearts of Your children with revelation awe and wonder. You're all in, but you let us choose. You wait gently and never shove, yet furiously and powerfully beckon us to you In love. You're a wonder and You're written. You're revealed and You're hidden. You're here in me and You're there with them. You're why I'm here and You're where I'm going. How glorious are You?


kristie dunnigan