equip me.

An excerpt from my journal. I pray it's something your heart can sing to a lover that listens!


Jesus, I pray you forever teach my heart to cry out, "Here I am, send me." Despite its result, I pray I never tire of or fear this prayer to be powerfully used by You. I pray you forever send me. Father, teach me being sent is not limited to mere geography. Teach me to be brave as I'm sent into hearts, even when it's my own. Teach me to be brave as I'm sent into territories where I can better learn to rely on nothing but Your Holy Spirit. Embolden me as I'm sent to confront lies and call down truths. Father teach me of the capacity you've built within me, teach me deeper of how you've created me - reveal to me the holy works you have for me. Father I want to know you more. I desire greater faith, and multiplied wonder for all that you are to me. I pray you draw near to me Jesus - come and teach me to love you all over again, so I may be more strongly equipped for the good things you have coming. Reveal to me the leaks of ineffectiveness or apathy, Jesus - for I long to be used and I ask that you prepare me today, right now, for the beauty of my destiny. 

In the powerful name of Jesus I forever pray. x 

kristie dunnigan