We're not made to run alone.

"God is a God of family. A God who honors heritage, builds legacy, and calls us to build lineage. We know this because these very things are the things satan attacks. The enemy goes after marriage to break apart families, he goes after relationships to isolate and weaken his targets, and he goes after wombs to stop lineage. I love when he reveals his weak hand - because it points us in the direction of what’s most powerful for God - family, community, multiplication, lineage, and legacy! And because satan attacks destiny, I’ve learned not to waste any time looking for it, but to rather turn right towards the fire and contend in prayer with the one who already won. And quite honestly, nothing satisfies me more than making his schemes (and head!) a step stool to rest my feet upon..."

Read my story here where I got to share some intimate, miraculous things on the site of my dear friend, Sarah. x

For more of her writing & photography visit SarahWatne.com

kristie dunnigan