A melody of His love.

I see your winds Jesus.

Oh, they're blowing through now. I see them brushing past the sweet cheekbones of your girls. I hear you whispering, "things are changing now, don't you see things are changing now?"

Oh, I see your love Jesus. 

I see you longing for your girls to know you extend no invitation to dwell in darkness and you would never call the perfect heart of your daughters broken. Oh Jesus, though we feel broken I hear you. You're the father who would never call us that. You call me lovely, you call me radiant. Jesus I hear you, this is what we are to you. 

How did I take the lie of the world that I am broken only to dwell in darkness trying to find the pieces? I hear you Jesus. There are no pieces to find. I am whole in your hands. The hearts of your daughters are made whole. 

Oh I hear you calling. Calling to your daughters to step into the light to see it, feel it, believe it, live from it. I see your wind blowing through now Jesus. It doesn't stop. I sit secretly hoping it doesn't end and feel unworthy at my request - oh but Jesus it doesn’t end. It doesn't end. 

Your sweet love is pouring out as I stand in the burning heat of this world. Forever pouring out, forever chasing me. I see it. Your goodness, your mercies, your grace. Forever pursuing my truest self for your powerful purpose. Oh Jesus your winds, I hear them, they're like a sweet melody that teach my feet to dance. And like your loving winds, the dance doesn’t end as I stay near to you my King, my Lead!

Oh it’s your love forever drawing me to the dance floor. Oh Jesus hold me here. Let me trust your steady hand leading my every step. Let me trust so deeply I close my eyes just to feel you twirl me. Let me trust so deeply you sneak in a dip just to hear me laugh. Oh Jesus teach me to let you draw me close enough I can feel the rhythm of your heartbeat. Don’t let it stop, I want to dance with you forever. I long for more boldness and assurance in the hands of my lead to the melody of Your love. 

Oh Jesus, I know the power of this dance demands risk and intimacy. Jesus teach me to give it all to you. Draw me in with the joyful sight of your face time and time again. Teach me it’s worth it. Teach me I crave nothing less than the floor where you dance. Show me I couldn’t bear to watch my King teach our dance to another.

kristie dunnigan